What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Customer Service Department

If you were to look at the line items on ay corporate budget, customer service would be right up at the top. Why? Because without it, you don’t have customers.

While the majority of CEOs understand this requirement, the purpose of the role is often lost on them, leading them to make the all-too-common decision to outsource.

If you are this very type of CEO or business owner and are looking at outsourcing to reduce your costs, below are some aspects to consider.


You Receive a Lower Quality of Staff

This is often a tricky one for many people to understand. In no way will the service you choose provide you with a low-quality service, however, they will utilize a lower-quality workforce.

While this may not have an impact on script-based customers service department, it often comes with a lack of nuance, leading customer to feel like nothing more than just a number being spoken to by robots.

The reason for this dip in the quality of staff is the very same reason you are taking the option to outsource, to lower costs.

Now, before you stop reading and think that you yourself can cut costs in this manner, outsource providers have a lot more tricks up their sleeve to not only ensure they choose just the right level of staff for just the right price but that they can retain the staff they need.

While you may be used to simply using money, these companies are more modern utilizing sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Charlotte Russe to both incentivize their workforce without the need for a large retention budget.


Offshore Model

The most popular option is often one which utilizing another country’s lower rate of pay to lower operating costs. And as great as these services are, they come with their own type of challenges.

For example, while the quality of the staff will be noticeably higher, with many of your staff members holding college degrees, they will be completely unaware of any local references and will often speak with an accent.

While, as a business owner, you know that this makes absolutely no difference to the product you sell, similar to the point mentioned above, if your customers service staff aren’t able to understand social nuances or have a generally friendly conversation with a customer without referring to scripts then your customers aren’t going to feel appreciated.

Of course, it’s important to also remember that you will have absolutely no oversight over the staff or how your department is run. For example, if you outsource to a local provider then you can easily attend their site to resolve any concerns. With an overseas provider, however, this simply isn’t an option.

When it comes to lowering your operating costs, your customer service department is often considered to be a low-hanging fruit. However, if you choose to outsource, be sure that you are aware of the full impact it can have on your company as a whole.

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